Ligia Buzan Ph.D.
Ligia Buzan Ph.D.

I believe that business is the art of envisioning best possibilities. The purpose of my work is to guide clients to grasp these possibilities and to build successful businesses.

I focus on customer acquisition and customer engagement programs using strategies (referral programs,  value creation, storytelling, strategic games, etc) that strengthen brand, increase revenue and satisfy clients.  The marketing approaches I design  integrate online and offline components, and underline a clear path to sales.

“Ligia consulted for MicroData on a range of marketing and business process issues. Her combination of knowledge, energy, customer insight, and gracefulness make her very effective in both developing and executing marketing and sales strategies.”

Glenn Mores, CEO, Microdata

For some clients I create new partnerships opportunities with powerful distributors that help build top sales.  For others, I create new marketing strategies and I build online communities that engage customers in new ways and produce revenue.  For still others, I create new pricing strategies and I help identify new target audiences to produce great results.

“Ligia consulted for Children’s Hospital Boston on a both a social media project as well as business development initiative with one of our largest Middle Eastern clients. There is no task too large for Ligia. Her steady persistence opened doors for us in markets not previously reachable. She has a keen sense of what needs to get done and how to do it. She is highly insightful and a true pleasure to work with.”

Pamela Frank, Director, International Health Services

Sales are a major focus of my work.  I work with clients to help them improve their sales strategy, to attract and qualify leads, and to build successful referral programs.  To help clients excel and perform exceptionally well, I offer an interdisciplinary approach developed from my experience in sales, strategy consulting, social media and customer best practices. I constantly research new trends and innovation in my work.

“I’ve seen Ligia present her innovative thinking about social networking at a meeting of the Boston chapter of the Assn for Strategic Planning. She ran the session in a very creative and experiential way, demonstrating her competence as an educator and her innate ability to make a connection with an audience and its individual members. Moreover, thru her case study, she showed us why Social Media Management is becoming such a necessary position in forward thinking organization.”

Michael Sales, Co- founder Art of the Future

Coaching and supporting clients and their teams through the process of organizational change and growth is also an important part of my work. I create strategies and facilitate leadership workshops to engage teams to collaborate better, to reach goals, to be more resourceful, and to learn how to engage others better to increase work satisfaction.

Over the years, I held positions as director of sales, business development (NPI, Inc Pharmaceuticals) and Director, HealthCare Practice (Fuld & Company). I have started Buzan Consulting in 2007 to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses that wanted to grow, increase revenue, create new products and develop strong business models.

In 2010, I started KidzBusiness to facilitate entrepreneurship for teens and to teach them the art of being “young detectives in search of money- making- opportunities,” perseverance, creative thinking, and other essential life skills.

I have received a Masters degree in International Relations (1997), and a Ph.D. in Politics and Communication (2002) from The University Professors’ Program at Boston University. Exceptional teachers provided me with tools to assess every challenge and situation strategically, to understand how different economic and political systems interact and where to look for solutions. Every challenge offers potential for greatness.

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